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The school Rules were drawn up in conjunction with the students at school asssembly on the 9th November 2007. This is the sort of behaviour we expect from all members of our community. There are 8 simple rules and they are hung around the school.

Irish: We will all speak Irish at all times

Manners: We will be polite to everyone in school and we will not curse in any language

Honesty: We will all tell the truth and if we see something that is not right, we will tell a teacher

Respect: We will all show respect for our school and environment by keeping it clean and we will show respect for ourselves and others by treating each other as we would like to be treated

Walk: We will all walk when inside the building and on the way to the yard

Work: We will always try our best with our school & homework. We will always be on time and be fully prepared for school

Hand in Air: When there is a hand in the air, we will stay quiet - we will listen to each other and let one person speak at a time

Cooperation: We will all cooperate with each other and take part in school activities.


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